All Masahiro Sakurai Let’s Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay Videos (Minecraft Steve + More)

A compilation of my favorite let’s player on YouTube playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate. “Hello, People of YouTube. This is Sakurai and welcome back to another episode of my Super Smash Bros Ultimate Let’s Play series. Today we will look at Minecraft Steve along with all the older DLC fighters such as Steve from Minecraft, Byleth from fire emblem, Joker from Persona 5, the hero from Dragon Quest XI, Banjo-Kazooie, Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard, Mega man, and Ganondorf from legend of zelda.”

Steve, Alex, Zombie, Enderman All Victory Themes | Final Smash | Kirby Transformation + Minecraft

Steve Vs. All Bosses in Super Smash Bros Ultimate + Cutscenes | DLC Update (Minecraft Steve)

Kirby New Transformation in Super Smash Bros Ultimate X Minecraft

Who Can Break Minecraft Steve’s Crafting Table in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

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83 thoughts on “All Masahiro Sakurai Let’s Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay Videos (Minecraft Steve + More)”

  1. it's ya boi Sakurai, and today we're gonna try out minecraft, I can't believe I'm actually playing this in 2020

    • Has Sakurai commented anything on his thoughts on Fortnite? If he hasn't, I kind of don't see the chance.

  2. is it just me or did I just realize the dlc characters are more unique than the actual characters that was in there from the start?

    • kisame2 You aren't wrong Min-min could attack from a distance with her spring fists, we had Hero's magic, Joker's All-out attack which does more damage than i think most Final Smashes as well as his flurry of G U N attacks, Banjo has his Special Golden Feather Dash, and for Terry idek, Byoleth with uhhhh Sord? Then we have Steve, He can mine materials, upgrade his weapons and more.

    • Is reword what is said.
      Joker has Arsene for extra enhanced power.
      And Byleth is the Heavy Range Demon type of Fighter.

    • @Takeshi, God Bless your soul for quoting that🙏. We need more positive people like you around. A character doesn't have to be popular in order to make it into Super Smash Bros. As long as they're fun to play, that's all that matters😃👍.

    • @PORTUGAL PLAYER, Why? Nobody is trying to imply that recognizable characters should be put on the back burner. What's being said here is that obscure characters matter just as much as recognizable characters. By the way, I'm glad you replied, because I remember when you said that you really wanted Steve in Super Smash Bros, and he looks absolutely incredible, and thus coming from a HUGELY loyal Banjo-Kazooie fan. Banjo-Kazooie are my favorite mascots alongside Mario and Conker the Squirrel (even though I've never played Conker's Bad Fur Day, I just really like his character design), Banjo-Kazooie are also the main characters that I use in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Steve is going to be my secondary character. They're the most interesting characters out of all the DLC characters in my humble and honest opinion. So anyway, like I said, you shouldn't feel offended by that quote, because it's not implying that obscure characters matter more than recognizable characters, and it's also not saying that recognizable characters nullifies any significance that obscure characters have.

  3. It's amazing how he could play without almost not getting hit like a pro but also is having so much fun

  4. ENGLISHsakuray if you can see this we realy want from you to put in some kind of anime character or undertale i know we love it ist can not be that kind of character but every character who you put in we love it like bomberman he is in nintendo since second mario game but he isnt in smash the last time if you can see this we will love new character in smashYAPANESEsakurayこれを見ることができれば、私たちは本当にあなたにある種のアニメキャラクターやアンダーテールを入れて欲しいです私たちはそれが大好きだと知っていますそのようなキャラクターになることはできませんが、あなたが入れたすべてのキャラクターは彼が任天堂にいるボンバーマンのようにそれを愛しています2回目のマリオゲーム以来、彼は前回スマッシュに参加していません。これを見ることができれば、スマッシュで新しいキャラクターを気に入るはずです。

  5. i didnt know Sakurai plays ssbu! (if Sakurai sees this then plz make more gameplay :D)


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