All Friend Action Abilities in Kirby Star Allies – Marx Gooey Rick Kine and Coo

0:00 Friend Train
1:33 Friend Circle
2:58 Friend Bridge
3:55 Friend Star
5:57 Star Allies Sparkler
10:20 The power of friendship

Kirby Star Allies Walkthrough Playlist:

4 Marx vs All Bosses In Kirby Star Allies (Soul Melter Difficulty)

Unlocking New Friends In Kirby Star Allies + Final Boss Battle & Ending Rick, Kine, Coo, Marx, Gooey

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Video suitable for all ages, kids & families

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  1. All aboard the Kirb Train! All aboard the Kirb Train! All aboard the Kirb Train! All aboard the Kirb Train!

  2. Button Mashing. In A Kirby Game. Seems Unnatural, for some reason. I Wonder Why…* Shows Image Of Someone Shaking A WiiMote *

  3. Its like the One Punch Man logic, Kirby has no bones,and that's what makes him the strongest being in existence

  4. Is the friend train making that awesome music used in The Ultimate Choice or is that the stage.If so leave a link to that music.

  5. Friend Train in a nutshellMarx: AAAAA GET HIM AWAY FROM ME HE'S GONNA LICK MEGooey: LickMarx: I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS


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