All Endings Of Sonic Mania Plus | Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, Ray, Knuckles & Knuckles Ending

All Endings Of Sonic Mania in this awesome family friendly game (All 6 Endings)

Super Knuckles & Super Tails endings are exactly the same as super sonic so I won’t count those 2.

Sonic ending is similar to Sonic and Tails except tails won’t escape with sonic in the spaceship hoverboard. I will include it anyway.

List of All Sonic Mania Plus Endings For Encore:
0:00 Sonic & Knuckles (Bad)
0:37 Mighty & Ray (Bad)
1:14 Sonic & Tails (Bad)
1:52 Knuckles & Sonic (Bad)
2:29 Ray & Mighty (Bad)
3:07 Tails & Ray (Bad)
3:43 Super Sonic & Tails (Secret / True Ending)

List of All Sonic Mania Endings For Sonic Mania:
4:32 Mighty
5:23 Ray
6:14 Sonic
7:06 Tails
7:57 Knuckles
8:50 Knuckles & Knuckles
9:51 Sonic & Tails
10:44 Mighty & Knuckles
11:12 Ray & Knuckles
11:54 Super Sonic (Secret / True Ending)

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161 thoughts on “All Endings Of Sonic Mania Plus | Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, Ray, Knuckles & Knuckles Ending”

  1. ending 1: NOOB NO EMERALDZ ending 2: NOOB NO EMERALDZending 3: NOOB NO EMERALDZending 4: NOOB NO EMERALDZending 5: NOOB NO EMERALDZending 6: NOOB NO EMERALDZending 7: WOAH ICE CREMending 8: NOOB NO EMERALDZending 9: NOOB NO EMERALDZending 10: NOOB NO EMERALDZending 11: DOUBLE KNUCKending 12: NOOB NO EMERALDZending 13: rest in peaceending 14 NOOB NO EMERALDending 15: WHERE’S SANIC

  2. 0:17
    Heavy King: lol I got the Phantom Ruby now >:3
    Me: Where are the other Hard Boiled Heavies at?
    Heavy King: Idc
    Me: What do u mean “I don’t care”?

  3. I watched sonic meets ray and mighty and ray and mighty was kissing and cussing and mighty was squeezing ray tail

  4. Ending in different character pairs doesn't necessarily count as a different ending its the same ending but just with a different set of characters

  5. When Sonic Mania first came out in 2017, I noticed on the book that Knuckles is reading, it's says "Sonic Mania & Knuckles"

  6. bone doctor died in this end he is one of the main villains of sonic even loved a lot by people because he helps and tries to destroy sonic he dies in this end

  7. Knuckles, knuckles and knuckles save the day in knuckles mania and knuckles with three playable characters knuckles, knuckles and knuckles with 2 new DLC characters knuckles and knuckles

  8. when knuckles wants make a story by him self:me and the two other knuck dudes saved the world remember there was only me and the two other knuck dudes not that blue hedgehog and yellow fox only me!the endhero 1….knuckleshero2…..knuck dude 1hero3…..knuck dude 2game published by:segknuckcomment by:a knuckles fan 😀

  9. your telling me sonic forces is part two of sonic Mania when classic sonic appear at the first in sonic forces

  10. Had to come watch all the other endings after getting super sonic secret & knuckles & knuckes & hadn’t seen any others yet

  11. I believe that encore mode is another universe After the true ending (Super Sonic Ending) Sonic was Transported to another dimension 3 Hours ago from that time(Hence why the heavys aren’t there until You choose a character)

  12. everybody knows the true ending super sonic went in a portal and went to modern sonics universe that was sonic forces


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