All Bosses in Super Mario 64 HD (No Damage) | Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario vs All Bosses. A compilation of all 14 boss fights + 2 boss races in Super Mario 64 HD inside of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection for the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is an upcoming Nintendo Switch compilation game, released on September 18, 2020 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. It contains Super Mario 64 (1996), Super Mario Sunshine (2002), and Super Mario Galaxy (2007) with upscaled visuals

0:17 Big Bob-Omb (Bob-Omb Battlefield)
1:45 Koopa The Quick (Bob-Omb Battlefield)
3:28 Whomp King (Whomp’s Fortress)
4:35 Big Boo #1 (Big Boo’s Haunt)
5:25 Big Boo #2 (Big Boo’s Haunt)
5:58 Big Boo #3 (Big Boo’s Haunt)
6:38 Big Penguin Boss Race (Cool, Cool Mountain)
7:53 Bowser #1 (Bowser in the Dark World)
8:57 Big Bully #1 (Lethal Lava Land)
9:18 Big Bully #2 (Lethal Lava Land)
10:06 Eyerok (Swifting Sand Land)
11:14 Bowser #2 (Bowser in the Fire Sea)
13:02 Big Mr. I (Big Boo’s Haunt)
13:32 Chill Bully (Snowman’s Land)
13:55 Wiggler (Tiny-Huge Island)
15:34 Bowser #3 – Final Boss (Bowser in the Sky)

Thanks for watching my Super Mario 3D All-Stars Gameplay and Walkthrough!

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