All Boss Knockouts Animations in Paper Mario The Origami King (Special Moves / Attacks)

All boss knockout animations compilation in Paper Mario The Origami King (including all 4 vellumental boss knockouts) (1080p & 60fps) ►Activate the description for the order of the knockouts!

1,000 Fold Arms On Every boss fight:
0:00 Stapler (The Fanged Fastener)
0:27 Handaconda
0:51 Rubber Band (The Elastic Entertainer)
1:32 Hole Punch (The Disco Devil)
2:09 Scissors (The Dual-Bladed Duelist)
2:38 Tape (The Shifty Sticker)
3:16 Sumo Bro
3:29 Colored Pencils (The Missile Maestro)
3:54 Earth Vellumental
4:20 Water Vellumental
4:42 Fire Vellumental
5:13 Ice Vellumental
5:33 Origami King OIly (Final Boss)
5:53 Origami King OIly (True Final Boss)

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    • His hurt box could be 2d like Mr. G&W, some of his attacks could have references to his partners all across the games, and his Final Smash could be him “just whacking things” with the 1,000 fold arms, with the final hit using the Olivia hammer on his foes!

  1. Hi ! can you make a vidéo about 2 secret achievement in the game ? I don t think you already heard of that, but beating the game without game over/without battle accesories gave you (for each) a screen "you finished the game without…" (there is the same for 100%) after the credits, anda "badge" on your safe file (below the ☆) ^^ ask me if you want more info/proof

    • @VeeTV At least what I'm saying is understandable? This is not my mother tongue so be indulgent please..

    • @*InsertNameHere* His advice seemed to me rather to be a mocking correction, that s why I answered like this .

    • @Brice Andrieux Maybe you shouldn't make assumptions then? You never know a person's true intentions until you ask them. I mean, if they were implying that then they're in the wrong, but we don't know if they were so don't just lash out at people.

    • And if you look closely in the boss battle to toads say "I think it's a dog" talk about animal cruelty

  2. Let's see…
    Stapler: "Jaw forced apart"
    Rubber Band: "Guts eviscerated"
    Hole Punch: "Backbone smashed and ripped off"
    Scissors: "Hypothermic shock"
    Tape: "Skin teared apart"
    Colored Pencils: "Failed attempt of terrorism"

  3. I honestly got quite lucky that he didn't decide to snap me into my separate blades or something based on the painful deaths he gave to my fellow stationary

    He just froze me, hit me over the head and then pushed me over while I was about to die of shock because paper beat scissors

  4. I can imagine these as news headlines
    Man snaps dog in half
    Man slams snake to death
    Man pulls of someone's skin and flings them into a wall
    Man slams and rips off man's ass and counts down thier death
    Man freezes and slams man to death
    Man destroys disabled persons base and rips out all there hair
    Man burns a family
    Man slams french artist with 12 missiles
    Man throws and slams ancient turtle god
    Man slams water dragon to death
    Man pulls out all of a birds feathers
    Man kill large polar bear making them endangered
    Man kills famous oragami guy wacks them with a giant hammer and slams them into oblivion

  5. What I love about the thousand fold arms is when you beat a boss with it, it says 1,000 fold arms finisher and I think it sounds catchy

  6. There's a cool extra attack if you attack the water vellumental (and the Olly form) with the arms while directly behind it.

  7. If you use the 1000 fold arms behind the water velumental's tail, Mario Grabs it and slams him on the ground before hammer-fisting him to death.

  8. The way this is edited makes it look like Olivia just went up to Scissors and pushed him with the intent of killing him

  9. Some commercial: the snack that smiles back Snap that child’s back!

  10. Fighting these bosses were awesome for me at least, but some bosses don’t have that “finisher” kind of death, instead they get bashed to death, it’s kinda cool but it doesn’t have that finish touch

  11. This is another reason why TOK is the best Paper Mario game. Look at the action TYD aint got nothin on TOK action..

  12. Funny thing about the water vellumental is that if you use 1,000 fold arms behind the wet guy is you slam it by its tail once and then you go to town with the arms

  13. Mario's most iconic catchphrases:"It's-a me! Mario!""Here we go!""*GET READY FOR THE SWEET RELEASE!!*"

  14. Do the enemies (bosses included) technically die twice? First time in the battle, then on the overworld. The normal enemies burst into confetti, the Vellumentals become nothing but light, and the Stationeries and such explode.

  15. In the water vellumental, you could use the arms on the tail and get an alternate ending to that boss. I can’t believe that I’m like the only one who knows this.

  16. This game doesn't make senseScissors getting beat by paperStapler get beat by paperRing getting stretch by paperColoring pencil getting destroyed by paperTape losing it thing because of paperHole punch losing back bone or thingy

  17. Nobody:Thousand-Fold Mario: Rips bottom of hole punch, destroys case of tape, destroys a pair of scissors, uses coloured pencils to smash a pencil case,PULLS A STAPLER DOGS JAW BACKWARD

  18. you forgot three bosses the paper macho gooper blooper , the mega paper macho pokey and the paper mistake paper macho buzy beetle

    • I think he will 1. Get punched to de*th2. Get st*bbed to de*th 3. Get slammed to de*th4. Mario was ejected5. Get his hair out to de*th6. Get pantsed and d*e of embarrassment 7. Get slammed to de*th again8. Get his hair pulled out to de*th again9. Get burned alive10. Get punched to de*th again11. Get cut in half12. Get whacked with a hammer and knocked into poison gas


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