All Boss Knockouts Animations in Paper Mario The Origami King (Special Moves / Attacks)

All boss knockout animations compilation in Paper Mario The Origami King (including all 4 vellumental boss knockouts) (1080p & 60fps) ►Activate the description for the order of the knockouts!

1,000 Fold Arms On Every boss fight:
0:00 Stapler (The Fanged Fastener)
0:27 Handaconda
0:51 Rubber Band (The Elastic Entertainer)
1:32 Hole Punch (The Disco Devil)
2:09 Scissors (The Dual-Bladed Duelist)
2:38 Tape (The Shifty Sticker)
3:16 Sumo Bro
3:29 Colored Pencils (The Missile Maestro)
3:54 Earth Vellumental
4:20 Water Vellumental
4:42 Fire Vellumental
5:13 Ice Vellumental
5:33 Origami King OIly (Final Boss)
5:53 Origami King OIly (True Final Boss)

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