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Super Bomberman R All Victory, Taunts & Special Dialogue | All Secret Characters + Pretty Bomber

0:00 Pretty Bomber
0:52 White Bomber
1:38 Black Bomber
2:30 Blue Bomber
3:42 Red Bomber
4:30 Yellow Bomber
5:16 Green Bomber
6:05 Pink Bomber (Female)
6:58 Aqua Bomberman (Female)
7:41 Magnet Bomber
8:28 Golem Bomber
9:18 Phantom Bomber
10:19 Karaoke Bomber
11:13 Plasma Bomber

Super Bomberman R all quotes, special Dialogue, taunts, death, & victories in VS mode.

Super Bomberman R Pretty Bomber Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol4hOHSltMQ

Super Bomberman R all Special Abilities:



  1. I want to see more other characters from other Bomberman games, like Max, Regulus/Bulzeeb, Sirius, and other Bombers, or Playable version of Buggler! Also my other favorite character is the Angel of Light and Shadow

    • get three stars (no continues) on every story mode world on one difficulty, then buy in store for 30,000

  2. This is cool, but what about the sounds when a character gets a skull or gets smashed by a heavy bomb or pressure block?

  3. I love that white bomber "WHAAT"literally my reaction to half the things that happen to me in project mmeanwhile schleep bomber over here has never been this tired ever. Hasn't had a day of sleep in his lifesound like he just finished procrastinating all his college courses projects till the last week-and hasnt stopped working until 10 mins before the deadline.

  4. I think the only thing missing is the dialogue for when it gets to the last minute & the Hurry Up! text shows up.

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